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At the start of her YouTube channel, Lily mainly posted content around music and parodying other songs. At this time, Lily also made animations similar to other animation channels such as TheOdd1sOut. In these animations, Lily talks about her life and other various things.

In 2017, Lily officially joined OfflineTV which included other internet personalities such as Pokimane and Scarra.

In September 2018, Riot Games launched a new series of ads on YouTube for League of Legends including one featuring Lily and fellow OfflineTV member sleightlymusical, It was titled “LilyPichu & sleightlymusical: Duo”.

Lily has videos actively uploaded to her channel every week. The videos consist of musical covers, stories, League of Legends, vlogs, and events with OfflineTV members. Lily as of June 22, 2021, has 329 uploads, 2.79 million subscribers, and 331.5 million views on her videos. Read blog

Lilypichu Merch
Lilypichu Merch


On March 17, 2020, Lily made another YouTube account dedicated to music alone. Most of the music uploaded was mostly her piano piece, sometimes with lyrics.

On September 1, 2020, she uploaded her first lyrical song called “Dreamy Night”. This song alone reached 8.9mil views on YouTube and 15mil streams on Spotify.

Over the years, Lily has done a variety of voice acting roles, including voicing Sayu in Genshin Impact in 2020.

LilyPichu's net worth

While LilyPichu’s acutualized net worth is unknown, our website sources YouTube viewership data to make an estimate of $575.48 thousand.

Our estimate only uses one revenue source though. LilyPichu’s net worth may actually be higher than $575.48 thousand. In fact, when considering more sources of income for a YouTube channel, some sources place LilyPichu’s net worth close to $805.67 thousand.