"It's finally done" - LilyPichu debuts her VTuber model on livestream

“It’s finally done” – LilyPichu debuts her VTuber model on livestream

Popular YouTube streamer-cum-musician Lily “LilyPichu” recently made her VTubing debut. In a live stream uploaded yesterday, the 31-year-old revealed a lore video explaining the origin of her VTuber avatar followed by an entire 40-minute-long stream, where she appeared as an animated character.

Basically, ‘VTuber’ is a portmanteau of the words “virtual” and “YouTuber.” VTubers usually use a computer-generated avatar to interact with their chat. According to the BBC, there are over 10K active VTubers within the gaming/streaming community.

LilyPichu, whose avatar resembles that of a half-human-and-half-dog, revealed that her character’s name is “Pomgirl.” After making her first live appearance as a virtual YouTuber, she stated:

With this announcement, LilyPichu has added herself to the long list of virtual YouTubers active today. Although her avatar made its debut yesterday, this is not the first time that Lily has appeared on stream as a VTuber model. Back in 2020, she made her first appearance as a VTuber, although her avatar had a visibly different physical appearance.

Based on a ‘lore video’ posted by Lily, her avatar was generated after it merged with a Pomeranian dog:

“It’s been so long. This has been in the works like almost a year actually. That was my lore.”

She also stated that she turned herself into a VTuber on the occasion of her birthday, which was on November 20:

“For my birthday, I turned myself into a Pomeranian anime girl.”

In the lore video, she also depicted a “tiny” Lily coming out of the sleeping Lily’s mouth representing the real-life streamer. Sleeping Lily, also dubbed the “depressed” Lily, was able to merge with Temmie, one of her Pomeranian dogs, to create her new avatar.

LilyPichu took to her Twitter account to thank the artists who made the animated video for her. Twitter user @Carrotsprout_, who has over 150K followers, was mentioned by the streamer as the main artist behind her lore video.

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